About us

About Instahealth

InstaHealth (Formerly M-Tambula) is a mobile application that enables anybody with a phone (feature phone or smartphone) to have access to information instantly. This application uses a wide database that has been built by a team of diligent young individuals and it provides information such as location details of the nearest health facility, doctor or ambulance. It also provides an instant first aid guide, doctor consultations and health awareness information. Our main areas of focus include; Maternal and child health, Reproductive health, health for the elderly and Adolescent Health.

Our Vision and Mission
Our Mission

Our mission at InstaHealth is to transform health by use of simple and user friendly technologies.

Our Vision

We envision a world where we leverage the power of information to improve lives.

Smartphone application

This is an application built for android and it uses automatic geo location to provide detailed information about a health facility / ambulance closest to you. The features on this app include;

  • Health Centre finder; Get a list of all the health centres nearest to you and their contact details
  • Multimedia health content (Health Videos and Audios)
  • Quick first Aid guide
  • Health Articles and news
  • Health Community for sharing health experiences
  • Doctor consultations consult our verified doctors via chat or leave a message for our resident doctor.
  • Ambulance List

Feature phone application

This uses interactive voice response. It works in such a way that when someone calls our designated IVR phone numbers, the call is automatically routed to the nearest health facility, or available ambulance. It also uses SMS to provide a quick first aid guide especially in times of emergency.


We are a team of young individuals working hard to leverage the power of technology to bring health information closer to people and we believe that we will create impact, life by life.